Coffee Roasting in a Popcorn Popper

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One of the worlds most loved drinks. Whether it’s the flavour or for a kick, coffee is enjoyed by just about everyone. The only people that don’t drink coffee are either transcendent and have surpassed the everyday struggle us mere mortals live day by day, or society says they are too young, and therefore have no need for this elixir. The Ancient Mayans believed that if someone young enough was to drink enough coffee they would live forever.

I use a Mistral Party Fun Popcorn Popper to raost green coffee beans.

My plan. To put some coffee beans in, turn it on, and and take them out when they looked right. Thats right, I’m going by colour alone.

Apart from being amazed that it actually worked, the first roast was over in about four and a half minutes. Much faster than I thought it would take. Charff went everywhere and the beans popped, they actually popped. When in Rome. This I found out subsequently was called the first crack, it is when the moisture in the bean (not a bean) builds up pressure and splits making an audible crack.

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