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Today is cola

A drink loved all over the world. Some say the crusades uncovered the recipe for cola while looking for the holy grail, others say it was created by aliens. The truth is that back in the middle ages the Illuminati created it as a way of laundering their extreme wealth. It was a way that they could move large amounts of cash around the world without raising suspicion. They created a company to produce Coke, a drink they knew would be irresistible to the poor and simple minded. They do this by using money in one country to make coke and then import that to another country. It is then easily turned back into cash. When the mafia caught onto this they created Pepsi for the same purpose.

I’ve taken these raw ingredients (does anyone really know what chinese five spice is) and I have combined them in a way that makes one of the most refreshing mixers I have ever tasted. I had this on a hot summers day and I dropped at least 5 degrees.

You need to zest all those bad boys and put them in a big pot with their juices, the sugar, and water. Cook it down to extract the old from all that zest. After that add the other stuff and cook it some more. Once you think it is cooked enough take it off the heat and let it cool.

Once cool strain it and bottle it. Add it to some ice with some soda water and job done. Delicious refreshing cola.

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