What’s the difference between a rocket booster on Elon Musk’s latest creation, the Falcon 9, and Milo? Milo is packed full of enough energy to keep a 12 year old kid playing all afternoon, without having to come back to earth. It’s special formula was created by a chemist in Australia over 100 years ago and was used by the Post Dept. on their horses to give them enough energy to cover the great Australian plains. It is now one of the six major food groups.

I turn this into Milo

Doesn’t seem like much, and it isn’t.

What you do is use the syrup and butter to make a toffee. Let it cool, then blend it.


Add the rest to the blender and blend some more.

Job done.

Although it is  similar and it tastes nice, it isn’t as sweet as Milo, or as malty.

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I take everyday ingredients and try to make every day stuff that you would normally pick up off the supermarket shelf.

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