Chewing Gum

Chewing gum, the next “Super Food”. A guilt free way of eating sugar, because the sugar is bound to the gum so you get all the flavour, with none of the calories.

This is chewing gum.

It’s basically a mix of stuff you shouldn’t eat. It’s sugar in 2 ways, flavouring, and little balls of gum base. Taste so good.

You can tell it’s an American recipe by the fact that it uses corn syrup.

It’s not too hard to make, although it requires a fair amount of elbow grease not mentioned in the ingredients list.

Melt the gum base
Mix the corn syrup and gum base together.
Knead the gum into the confectioners sugar
Add the flavouring and knead some more.
Chop it into sticks.

I have to admit, before I say any more that I have a sweet tooth, but these were delicious. Such a throw back to when I was a kid. I will call them happy sticks.

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I take everyday ingredients and try to make every day stuff that you would normally pick up off the supermarket shelf.

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