Olive Oil

I found a way to turn unripe olives into a homogenised goo that smells really nice.

Bash them up with a stick and take the seeds out.

Put them in a high powered blender with some warm water. Blend. I think this is where I went wrong.

The Thermomix might be a little too high powered. It’s supposed to come out a paste. But I think my paste has a max particle size of about 10 microns. That’s to say it’s a very smooth and luxurious paste at this stage.

Put that goo into a cheese cloth and press.

Wait for it to seperate.

This where I have to stop. The oil hasn’t separated out. The liquid at the bottom is mostly water. The oil is floating on top. It has a lot of the olive still in it. This is where the over blending has caused a problem. I can’t separate out the oil.

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I take everyday ingredients and try to make every day stuff that you would normally pick up off the supermarket shelf.

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