I turn plants matter and sugar into beer using a big glass bottle.

For thousands of years beer has been the alcoholic beverage of choice for the majority of people. It is the major driver of overpopulation, and “Big Pharma” lobbies governments all over the world to keep it cheap and legal so they can sell headache pills to the masses, no one ever stops at one headache pill.

This is beer. All you need to do is put all this stuff together in a particular way and “voila”.

I’m using a 5L Saison kit I got from the Hop + Grain. It’s an intermediate step between using the extract brew kit and all grain method.

Steep the grain

Remove the grain

Add some malt extract and hops then simmer for while. Part way through “The Boil” add the remaining malt extract, and just near the end add the other hops.

Put it in a big glass bottle, find a quiet spot for it then