Bringing Home The Bacon

This follows on from my original Bacon post

Here it is. After turning it over pretty much every day for 7 days. I took it out of it’s bag, washed it off and soaked it in water for an hour.

While I was making Cornflakes I started the coals for the Weber and set it up for smoking. The target temp in the grill was 110°c. Once I got it there it was time to put on the pork belly and finish its transformation into bacon.

Now that that is done, sit back and wait for the internal temp of the meat to hit 68°c.

Remove and let cool.


Enjoy. I was told that once you try your own bacon you will make it again, and this is true for me. I will be doing this again and again.


Pork belly delicious in its own. Cured then smoked, it’s the worlds best food. Bacon.

Today I make bacon.

How can you have vegetarians question their life choices? Serve bacon. Everyone’s favourite food. In Australia it was traditionally for breakfast. It has become so much more. In 1976 Bacon invented brunch. At brunch people could eat bacon later in the day without feeling guilty. Bacon used this to infiltrate lunch. Now bacon is used in every meal. Its a breakfast, its a side dish, and it’s used in main meals everywhere. It is even wrapped around vegetables to help carnivores get a balance diet. It made world domination in 1998 when it broke into cocktail and dessert scene, making it truly the worlds most versatile and sought after foods.

Pork belly, one of the most delicious cuts of meats. I turn the famous pork belly into Bacon, known all over the world, and renowned for it delicious properties so powerful that even the most health conscious can’t resist.

I will be using this to make delicious homemade bacon

I mix the sugar, salt, and nitrite together and rub it all over the meat, put in a bag and suck out all the air.

I bag it and put it in the fridge.
Let the magic happen.

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